Thoughts on hospital segmentation

Thoughts on hospital segmentation
Hospital segmentation has many facets, as does any segmentation initiative: popular, clinical, commercial, etc.

Hospital segmentation has many facets, as does any segmentation initiative: popular, clinical, commercial, etc.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

A topic that’s currently in the news – Ebola – implicitly focuses on one facet of hospital segmentation. There are, we believe, hospitals well-equipped to deal with patients arriving with highly infectious, uncertain diseases. And there are hospitals where the ability of process and staff to handle these unusual cases is limited, and sometimes, verges on incompetent. The good and the bad – a basic segmentation. We’ve seen Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, and University Hospital in Newark, NJ, suffer for the bumbling way they handled aspects of the Ebola crisis/hysteria.

The hospital in MRVertex’s town, Morristown Medical Center, is best known as a cardiovascular center of excellence. And there is another type of hospital segmentation. What specialties does the hospital work in most, and most effectively? This ties in, obviously, to the commercial segmentation models since it impacts enormously on the use of medications and devices.

The hospital segmentation work we do at MRVertex focuses on  effectively managing commercial initiatives of drug and device companies. How do you get your product into the right hospitals, applying an appropriate budget and staff? What hospitals need your product most? Why would they use your product instead of solutions currently available to them? At bottom, this kind of segmentation is also binary: good prospect, not a good prospect, but it’s much more subtle than that. We can look at uptake curves and volume of business over time, building this into your overall sales forecast. We create the algorithms you need so that a sample of hospitals can truly represent the overall market.

Hospital segmentation is complex and it takes time to do it right; the payoff is usually worth it.



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