So little time

#WillyWonka: “So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.”


HIPAA Schmipaa!

Think your app is doing a good job gathering patient data? Got a good lawyer too?

Flying high

The 5-person team on our new project is phenomenal: financial executive from one of the top US hospitals. Neuroscientist from one of the top US universities. Inventor from one of the top device companies. Specialist surgeon, head of dept at a major medical center. And little old wide-eyed me, Mr Segmentation and Targeting.

On our own road to super-stardom? (With, hopefully, a softer landing than some of these guys!)

Jackson 5

Well-armed militias

Chicago is safe from those who would deny us our second amendment rights. The well-armed militia has moved in.


Family & Friends Mourn Tragic Shooting Death of Young Girl

This is the way:

Flip a coin. Heads #Putin wins, tails #Obama loses.

CT protects its rights

A well-armed militia has come to Stamford and I bet residents there are breathing a sigh of relief that their 2d Amendment rights are actively protected.

2d amendment warrior Well-armed militia

My “favorite” hospital in the top 50

Morristown Memorial (ok, MMC) is in the top 50 nationally overall and focused on Cardiology and Orthopedic excellence. As I lay dying there 5 years ago for a rheumatological condition,  everyone told me to head down to Hopkins, but I survived.