Let’s Have Healthy Children

Some thoughts on children and non-adherence…

Meds On Time

If you take prescription medications, it’s safe to bet that you’ve accidentally skipped a dose on occasion. What with everything that life throws our way, it’s hard to stick to our to-do lists without getting waylaid once in a while. Work projects, family, friends, unexpected delays—even accidents—can interrupt the most well-planned schedule. As adults, once we’re back on track with our prescriptions, the consequences of missing one dispensation are minimal, in most cases.

But what if you have a child or young adult with a chronic condition like asthma or type 1 diabetes? If you’re normally present to make sure that he/she stays on course with the prescription routine, it’s all right. Still, even the most thorough parents and guardians cannot always ensure that their kids will follow medication directions. Mary Poppins is not going to suddenly show up and start singing “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine…

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