Patient burden in nonadherence

The thing that comes to mind for me is that patients sometimes don’t have any idea what they are facing with an illness, and even when they do, and are facing fatal illnesses, they don’t adhere to therapy. In the US it is estimated that 125,000 people each year die because they are non-adherent.
I think it’s a lack of connection between the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, and real people that causes this huge gap. A large and growing share of Americans give no credence to science and have turned to religious fundamentalism as their dictator of fate. People believe in bogus medical hearsay rather than question what might or might not be true. Remember Laetrile?
I read an article* today that suggests that non-compliance among patients with breast cancer may surpass 50%. At the same time, the author claims that the burden of compliance lies with the patient. I think it’s this assignment of full responsibility onto the patient that makes it so difficult to overcome the nonadherence issue.
(*Moore, 2009, Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, “Nonadherence in Patients With Breast Cancer Receiving Oral Therapies”)


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