More Google…

A discussion this morning about how great Google Consumer Surveys has become prompted this reaction from me:

Google is great, Google is good. We all know that. But if you’re a heavy user of Google products you also know they are fallible, and that often product development and enhancement gets dropped in favor of the latest cool thing, this week’s technological BFF. Hello, GCS as king of the world!!! Remember Google Voice? Remember how awesome that was? I jumped on the bandwagon, and converted my phones to the Google Voice system. Well, this morning, before I even read this post, I decided to drop Voice. It’s unreliable and because of that, useless. Google Music? I can’t use it on my Android phone, it crashes it every time. It’s a Galaxy S3, not some also-ran piece of junk. I’ve loaded over 10,000 songs onto the system and now I have to find somewhere else to put them so I can actually listen to my music. Chrome? Again, crashes my computer and my phone constantly. Should we mention Plus or any of Google’s other attempts to own the social media market? How many other Google products are there that have been left behind in favor of a new best friend? Google has become a company with a serious case of attention deficit disorder, and the customer is not its focus anymore. How long before Google burns the survey market for another option? It’s a somewhat different strategy than Microsoft had 15 years ago, but it has the same effect. Destroy the competition but leave the marketplace as a desert, void of quality offerings because you’ve either bought them off or killed them.

Don’t be evil… but don’t be good either.
John Mitchell – you can try me on 973-937-8474 but you probably won’t reach me. Try 973-967-0032 instead…


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