“Patients’ trust in their physicians is essential to their emotional disclosure and is therefore a crucial component of the patient–physician relationship. Patients must believe that their physician is someone who can understand their unique experience of being a patient, and someone who can provide them with reliable and honest advice”
Branch WT., Jr The ethics of caring and medical education. Acad Med.2000;75:127–32

One thought on “Trust”

  1. It will be interesting to see how the long historical foundation of trustful relationships with medical doctors evolves under current societal opportunities and challenges.

    I quote Marcus ‘Tully’ Cicero on the depth of this relationship – “The health of the people is the Supreme Law.”

    The strongest effect may be in the psychological realm as it applies to physical health; the results of which will evidence themselves in our ability to manage our gene pool.

    (try to come up with a metric for that one!)

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